Action Against Hunger International: Global Performance Report 2019

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Every day, hundreds of millions of families struggle to deal with hunger. With the COVID-19 pandemic and numerous other shocks affecting communities around the world, global hunger continues to rise. One in nine people is food insecure, and millions more are under threat, with the most vulnerable groups most at risk.

Though our planet produces enough food to feed everyone, progress is too slow – and, in fact, in some places, gains we have made have been reversing. No country is on course to meet all ten of the 2025 global nutrition targets, primarily because of conflict, climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic and economic slowdowns. The world is also behind in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including SDG 2 which aims to eliminate all forms of malnutrition and achieve zero hunger. Action Against Hunger’s vision of a world without hunger is an ambitious, critical, and still achievable commitment.

Our organization delivers programs to meet the growing needs of the most vulnerable people. In 2019, we implemented a record number of projects in the countries most affected by hunger. Our programs supported more than 17 million people, and provided lifesaving treatment to nearly seven million acutely malnourished children.

This report measures progress against Action Against Hunger’s International Strategic Plan for 2016-20.


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