Ukrainian refugees face winter weather as they board a bus and cross the border into Moldova.
Gonzalo Höhr
Action Against Hunger, Moldova

Where There is Conflict, There is Hunger

Hunger is both a cause and consequence of conflict. An estimated 60% of the world’s hungry people live in countries experiencing active conflict, most of which are caused by disputes over food, water, or the resources needed to produce them. Conflict disrupts harvests, hampers the delivery of humanitarian aid, and forces families to flee their homes.

Saving Lives

While peace is the ultimate solution, it’s vital to protect the lives, health, and wellbeing of families affected by conflicts and crises. That’s why we work to save lives and prevent hunger in the most challenging and complex conflict zones around the world, including Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Nigeria.

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Conflict Drives Hunger

To create a world without hunger, for everyone, for good, we must address conflict.

A mother and her son who were displaced by the conflict in northern Nigeria.

Number of People Forcibly Displaced in 2021

An aerial view of the crowded Kahda Displacement Camp

Of the World's Poorest People Will Live in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Areas by 2030

"Once the war broke out, I experienced the difficulties of life in this world"

Nyalat and her children fled conflict in South Sudan and found safety – and Action Against Hunger – in Ethiopia. She is now working to rebuild her life.


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